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Carl Bray has been performing across Canada beginning as a teenager and is recognized as one of the country’s prominent jazz pianists. With a passion for education, he has garnered awards from institutions such as the CBC, Yamaha Music, and The Oscar Peterson Foundation.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach differs with every student’s ability and musical taste. I offer bespoke lessons with every aspect of the curriculum, I assess how it is absorbed, and progress according to their own pace. Assigned practice ‘homework’ is based on what their existing schedule permits.

I’ve had great success capturing and holding younger student’s attention by incorporating fun riffs/motifs and musical games to play, as a ‘mental break’ from technical exercises or studying new material.

It’s extremely important to actively listen to the music which you are aspiring to learn. Especially at a more advanced level, this helps internalize the sounds.

I strongly encourage weekly listenings, to help engage the learner’s ear and allow them to track their own progress with a tangible point of reference.

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Media Composer & Engingeer

Film & TV Scoring
Audio Engineering 
Original Composition


Make your next event unforgettable with the sound of music. 

Live Concert Venues

Corporate Events 

Private Events

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